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About Options Therapy

In 2009 Joanne Nunn established Options Therapy to provide Occupational Therapy services for individuals throughout South-Western Ontario. At Options Therapy we understand the importance of a multidisciplinary team and expanded Options Therapy to include Case Management, Social Work, Vocational Counseling, Future Cost of Care, Technology Training, Employability Assessments, Functional Abilities Evaluations and Financial Counseling. At Options Therapy our focus is working directly with individuals and providing client centered care. We are a community-based team of health care professionals that can work with you in your home, in the community (work, volunteering, etc.), or if you are in the hospital. We will work with your current rehabilitation team or we will help you to create one to ensure you are receiving customized care plans and solutions that allow you to remain independent. We have experience working with insurance companies, personal injury lawyers, WSIB, medical vendors, and the government (assistive devices program – ADP). We promote quality of life and independence through friendly, professional service, and person-centered care and we are committed to making a difference, one person at a time. At Options Therapy we also believe in the importance of having a strong presence in the community, both by participating in and sponsoring various events across South-Western Ontario.

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